Primary Care Physician

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Primary Care Physician

Primary Care Physician  |  Dr. Mark I. Cinnamon, MD - Washington, D.C.

For each annual wellness visit as well as first-time visits, I set aside a whole hour in order to appropriately assess your health status. During this time, I will fulfill my role as Primary Care Physician and review your medical history, discuss any current concerns with you and perform a thorough physical examination. This examination includes complete lab tests, an electrocardiogram and specialized testing for any new conditions or concerns. After this visit, I will call you myself to review the outcome of the physical examination and laboratory studies.

Some of the easily-accessible care I, Dr. Mark I. Cinnamon, MD, can provide includes:

Disease Management - I have lengthy experience as a Primary Care Physician, helping patients manage physical and psychological diseases. For over 35 years, I have had the honor of assisting many patients and their families successfully manage a wide range of diseases.

Emergency Appointments - I follow a schedule that will always allow for last minute and urgent appointments, because I understand that my patients will need me when they may least expect it. This allows me to strengthen relationships with patients, by aiding them even in emergency situations. My convenient office location is close to Washington Radiology, the George Washington University Hospital and Sibley Memorial Hospital.

Vaccinations - I am able to provide a wide range of vaccinations, including Shingles, Flu, Hepatitis and Tetanus. If you need a less common vaccine that requires a special license, I will be able to recommend a physician who can administer such a vaccination.

If you are in search of a Primary Care Physician in Washington, D.C. who is dedicated to understanding your medical status and uncovering the best path to a healthy life, make an appointment with me. Having a solo practitioner will make a huge difference in your healthcare experience. Rather than long waits in a crowded medical center, come to my office to receive top-of-the-line care from a doctor who truly wants the best for you.