Internal Medicine

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Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine  |  Dr. Mark I. Cinnamon, MD - Washington, D.C.

Internal Medicine, sometimes called General Medicine, is the medical specialty concerned with preventing, diagnosing and treating adult diseases. Internal Medicine Physicians are especially skilled in identifying and managing multi-system diseases. Because Internal Medicine Physicians spend at least three years of their medical training learning how to prevent, identify and treat adult diseases, they often act as consultants to other physicians when they are confronted with difficult and challenging cases.

Internal Medicine Physicians often have special interest in certain diseases or organ systems.

My special interests include:

• Cardiology
• Hypertension
• Diabetes
• Psychological Disorders
• Cholesterol Problems

Laboratory studies are greatly useful in the diagnosis and management of internal medicine disease. If you think you may be having a laboratory study at the time of your office visit, be sure to fast from food and liquids other than water, black coffee or tea for 12 hours before your appointment. Drinking plenty of water will make drawing blood for these tests much easier. You may continue to take daily medications during these tests.

Whether you are a healthy adult or one struggling with physical or psychological issues, I can help with your health requirements. Please make an appointment with me, Dr. Mark I. Cinnamon, MD, to discover the best path for your medical needs.