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Primary Care Physician

Primary Care Physician  |  Dr. Mark I. Cinnamon, MD - Washington, D.C.

For each annual wellness visit as well as first-time visits, I set aside a whole hour in order to appropriately assess your health status. During...

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Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine  |  Dr. Mark I. Cinnamon, MD - Washington, D.C.

Internal Medicine, sometimes called General Medicine, is the medical specialty concerned with preventing, diagnosing and treating adult diseases.

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Family Doctor

Family Doctor  |  Dr. Mark I. Cinnamon, MD - Washington, D.C.,DC

Typically, internists focus on adult patients. However, I, Dr. Mark I. Cinnamon, MD, have expanded my specialty to include people of all ages...

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My name is Dr. Mark I. Cinnamon, MD. I am a specialist in Internal Medicine and will provide you with unmatched individual care in an unhurried fashion. I have been a solo practitioner of adult primary medical care in Washington DC for more than 35 years.

While the world of medicine is evolving into large-scale operations, I remain committed to developing in-depth relationships with all of my patients and providing the highest-quality medical care at my private office in Washington, D.C. I do not employ physician assistants or nurse practitioners, but rather prefer to complete all aspects of your visit myself in order to gather a comprehensive view of your health status.

I am comfortable working with you and your family members to keep everyone informed of health matters. I encourage family conferences in the face of serious medical issues, and am dedicated to helping you make the best health care decisions for yourselves and your family members.

It is difficult to find such a comprehensive medical service elsewhere. I am proud to serve the D.C. area with high-quality medical expertise. My individual attention and relaxed atmosphere provide a unique medical experience for every patient.

I am able to perform all general practitioner care from an individualistic perspective. From disease management, to vaccines, to emergency illnesses, I will always be available to patients in the D.C. area. Don’t hesitate to contact me. You deserve a high level of care that treats you exactly as you need.

Though I do not participate directly with any insurance companies, my office will be more than happy to promptly file claims on your behalf.

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